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The Year We Travel Again

2021 - Our predictions

We outline the places we predict you may be able to get to this year, places where you can take that longed-for trip, explore a lesser-known destination or plunge headlong into a dizzying cultural experience.

Closing the door on 2020 means opening up 2021 – and with it comes a fresh new era of travel. Do you have somewhere already on top of your wish list or perhaps you’re ready to be inspired? Read on for our top 10 travel predictions for 2021.

    Summer in Crete at Domes Zeen

    This chic hotel located outside Chania in sunny Crete is one to book for this summer, not only for its enhanced resort experience for modern families, but Domes Zeen has also made huge strides for holidaying in the time of COVID-19.

    For sun-starved parents and kids needing downtime, the private sandy beach, large family suites, cool beach club and Jungle Spa make the perfect lockdown antidote. But it’s the sophisticated design that sets it apart from other resort hotels. Contemporary architecture and muted colour give it a minimalistic look and use of natural materials such as rattan, wood, raw linen and exposed stone create a stylish aesthetic. Standout activities will lure you from the vast swimming pool such as ceramic workshops, tours of Chania old town and hiking the Samaria Gorge. You’ll leave engulfed by Ef Zeen – the art of living well.

    Italy Road Trip

    After the limitations of 2020, imagine the freedom of the open road, paired with extraordinary culture around every corner and the best food in Europe. We devised this Italian road trip, which starts in the region of Basilicata and ends in Puglia, with independent travellers in mind. We’ll arrange the route, accommodation and car hire and the rest is up to you.

    The first wow-factor stop on your road trip that begins in Bari, is the UNESCO town of Matera, famed for its ancient cave dwellings. As you journey into Puglia spend time on the beach enjoying speciality fish restaurants before following the map towards inland villages such as the trulli-topped houses of Alberobello. Lastly as the compass spins south you’ll explore Salento, whose dramatic coastline shelters wine enclaves, the old town of Gallipoli and beautifully baroque Lecce.


    Island Hop the Cyclades this Summer

    What many of us missed last year were the sultry sights and smells of a summer holiday. You’ll find this in abundance on the islands of the Cyclades, where crystal clear sea laps beaches shaded by pine trees and the tinkle of goat bells carries on the warm breeze. Make up for lost time with an island-hopping holiday exploration where you take two weeks to slow-travel around five of the Cyclades Islands’ finest.

    Low-key, sleepy and authentic, Paros, Sifnos, Naxos, Milos and Folegandros show a rural life that has changed little in centuries, with dazzling beaches devoid of tourists. Chat to us about designing your island-hopping adventure – we’ll arrange all the accommodation and transport; you’ll just enjoy the ride.


    Learn yoga in Sardinia

    If pristine beaches and the kind of clear, aquamarine water rarely seen outside of the Caribbean is your thing, then Sardinia should be on your wish list from spring onwards. However, don’t turn away from Sardinia’s interior, with a yawning gorge that is Europe’s deepest, where waterfalls trickle into clear-as-glass pools and the Supramonte Mountains’ jagged peaks stand sentinel over the wilderness.

    It’s in this remote hinterland that you’ll find one of Sardinia’s most characterful hotels, Su Gologone, carved into nature and created with smooth white walls and salvaged wood layered with the work of local artists. The astonishing views here will set your heart aflutter and even better the wide-open landscapes are ideal for breathwork and yoga. The blue hues of dusk are perfect for stretching, accompanied by the click of cicadas and the scent of the herb garden.

    Take a Conscious Safari

    If you like safari which has a heavy dose of conscious conservation, then Kicheche in Kenya could be perfect for you. With favourable conditions throughout our summertime, you’ll find their commitment to community and education to be admirable while offering a truly top-notch safari experience.

    Kicheche are champions of sustainable wildlife conservation with small, very comfortable bush camps scattered around the savannahs of the Masai Mara and Laikipia offering exceptional wilderness experiences. With personable and knowledgeable guides, you will get the full safari experience, and fly camping between private conservancies means you can enjoy night drives, bush walks and countless photography opportunities in some of Africa’s wildest locations.

    Get the Family Together

    If we’ve learnt anything this year, it could be the importance of family and the benefit of spending time together. If you’re planning a big family gathering either in May half term or the summer holidays, don’t underestimate the difficulty of pleasing everyone.

    Let us take over the reins, finding that perfect villa, planning flights and car hire and adding any extras to make life easier like food shopping to the villa, a local chef for an evening or babysitting. This will leave you free to sit back and enjoy it all. We’ve added a large number of spacious villas to our portfolio in a variety of locations including Sicily, the Greek Islands and Portugal. Call us to find out more, and we’d advise you to start planning sooner rather than later if you’re looking for a villa for this summer.

    Learn to Surf in Portugal

    Many of us got through 2020 by learning a new skill or picking up on hobbies we’d long since left behind. Keep momentum on your self-improvement with a trip to Portugal from May onwards to learn how to surf, where the rush of riding waves will make you feel full of life. We’d recommend heading to You and The Sea, a collection of chic, contemporary apartments located in the charming fishing village of Ericeira, just an hour from Lisbon, that also happens to have world-class waves.

    We can arrange surfing lessons and board hire, and if you pick up the surfing bug badly, you can buy your own handmade classic surfboard at Wavegliders surf shop. Leave time to wander around the pretty, whitewashed town, sampling its seafood delights with a cold beer or take a day trip to Lisbon to explore cobbled streets and ancient ruins. The perfect combination of activity and culture.


    Spot a Bear in the Wild – Summer and Autumn

    Spread along some 250 miles of British Columbia’s north-eastern Pacific coastline, this vast wilderness wonderland is earth’s largest tract of unspoiled temperate rainforest, also known as the Great Bear Rainforest. If you have nature-lovers in your family, this summer or autumn might be a great time to step away from the well-trodden path for some wholesome outdoor family adventure.

    During autumn, grizzly bears come to congregate at the river’s edge for the salmon run and you could even spot the elusive spirit bear. Staying at remote but extremely comfortable lodges you’ll also have the chance to paddleboard, whale-watch, kayak and even take a helicopter to pristine fishing spots. Family time never seemed so thrilling.


    Discover the Galapagos Next Winter

    Lying 620 miles off the coast of South America is an archipelago of islands that retains its mystery to this day. Scattered around the forty islands are some of the world’s most colourful and curious creatures.

    A must for wildlife lovers, the Galapagos also appeals to photographers and budding scientists, and we’ve also found that the mix of activity, nature and comfortable accommodation aboard small boats makes it the perfect trip for a three-generational family. Expect incredible wildlife sightings including giant tortoises, frolicking sea lions, prehistoric-looking iguanas and a wealth of diverse marine life while you explore the islands on foot, by kayak and under water.


    Get off the beaten track in Thailand

    For many of us, Thailand is associated with a boho beach scene, tropical surrounds and tourist-free experiences. While this is rarely found these days, with development overcrowding many of the original beach spots and island hideaways, we’ve found somewhere that’s still under the radar. Harking back to the days of carefree travels, Koh Jum Beach Villas, found on an island that faces Phi Phi National park, near Krabi, and has an unspoilt vibe, located on a quiet beach that has a sprinkling of feet-in-the-sand beach bars.

    The resort itself is made up of beautifully crafted polished teak villas from one- to four- bedrooms which makes it a good spot for families too. It’s a lovely place to unwind but don’t forget to explore the island as well to discover secret beaches, trek the mountain of Koh Pu or snorkel the islets of Phi Phi. We’re hoping Thailand will be good to go from Autumn onwards.

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