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Can I make travel plans now? Pros and Cons - Travel amid Covid

We continually ask ourselves this question and more. We have to be honest; the reality is that despite all our experience and knowledge of the industry, travel is more difficult than it used to be.

    Travelling today

    Putting aside the not insignificant question of ‘will it be safe?’, there is also concern about changing quarantine rules and domestic lockdown restrictions. And when you get to your destination, what will your experience be like – will museums and art galleries be open, where will you need to wear a mask and will the atmosphere in the local restaurant still be the same?

    We totally understand these anxieties and we continually seek the answers to these questions and more. We have to be honest; the reality is, that in these times and despite our experience and knowledge of the travel industry, we don’t have all the answers but one thing is certain – we do our best to find out for you.

So why travel?

Well quite simply, in our opinion, travel is good for you and now more than ever it’s important to have something positive to break the current routine.

Having just returned from an island-hopping trip to Greece I found that being abroad, in a different culture, trying different foods and absorbing new experiences was just as invigorating as it always was. But what I wasn’t expecting was the feeling of youthful exuberance I recalled from when I first went travelling.

Prior to leaving, each mental hurdle jumped felt like an achievement, adding to the build-up. I certainly felt more anxiety around travelling but once I was in Greece, watching the sunrise from the deck of my Sifnos bound ferry, I felt like I was abroad for the very first time. I was liberated and enlivened – uplifted to a level that outweighed all the pre-travel tension and I was seeing each experience through fresh eyes.


Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher


So for me, with most of my plans getting laid to waste in 2020, the prospect of a trip abroad at some point has to be something to hold on to.  I am focusing on 2021 and I want something in the diary to look forward to. 

    Safe passage

    On a more practical level I never felt at risk. Heathrow and British Airways have adapted to these times and fellow passengers were respecting the guidelines. In Greece itself I felt there was a general acceptance that living with national and localised restrictions is part of everyday life – guidelines are followed yet they don’t seem to dominate. A view that many of our customers have also reported following their own recent trips to Europe.

    But despite coming back from Greece desperate to book another trip, I do appreciate travel is challenging right now. In the short term you may need to have a negative test certificate organised before travel and you may need to be flexible as to where and when you go. But the fact is, travel is possible and we can help you get over the hurdles.

    We’ve adapted our working practices and we will work really hard to ensure we give you as much flexibility as is possible – see our Booking with Confidence policy . It’s what we’ve always done and the pleasure we get from positive customer feedback is why we do what we do. And what I also now know is that if you can travel then it will be a wonderful experience that will be even more rewarding in so many ways.

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