Japan Highlights

  • Experience Japanese hospitality with a stay in a traditional Ryokan. Delicious meals are typically served in your room and a surprisingly comfy bed is constructed on the tatami mat floor. If you’re lucky there might even be a private onsen overlooking pretty gardens.
  • Witness the pomp and ritual of a sumo match, complete with salt throwing and intense staring as opponents try to psyche each other out in the ring. Bouts can be over in a flash but the atmosphere is always electric.
  • Visit the Hiroshima Memorial Museum and Peace Park, above which the world’s first nuclear bomb was released. A sobering experience but an important lesson for all and certainly not to be missed.
  • Escape the crowds of the larger temples in Kyoto and explore some of the smaller, lesser frequented spots. Charming Shoren-in is our favourite: take off your shoes, pad around the temple interior, stopping to sit cross-legged and take in the 180 degree view of the gardens and lake. Very zen.
  • Take a crash course in all things Ramen at a busy ramen shop in Osaka. The friendly owner will take you through the stages of making 2 different types of ramen. A must for ramen geeks but great fun for anyone with a keen interest in food.

What sets Japan apart is its uniqueness. The culture, the history, the people - everything about it feels wonderfully different. You can’t help but feel like an intrepid traveller discovering a whole new way of life.
Catherine Foxon
Travel Consultant