Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma)

  • Rudyard Kipling wrote ‘this is Burma it is quite unlike any place you know about’. Just as true today as when Kipling wrote them in 1898, Myanmar’s unique culture bounded by rich and unspoilt landscape makes for nothing less than a mesmerising and enthralling trip.

    In many ways time has stood still in Myanmar, little having changed since British colonial times. Because of the long standing tourism boycott which has now been lifted, the influence from the west is limited. You won’t see the same western style clothing and shops as you do in Thailand and Vietnam. In fact, you are much more likely to see traditionally dressed monks and Chin women with their distinctive facial tattoos, intricately designed to reflect the natural surroundings.

    As enchanting as the untouched surroundings, Myanmar’s unassuming people will capture your heart and the country’s graciousness will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

Myanmar (Burma) Highlights

  • Cruise along the Irrawaddy and Inle Lake taking in Myanmar’s unique charm.
  • Discover the diversity of the landscape from white sand beaches to arid plains and mountainous plateaus.
  • Ride through the expansive plains of Bagan in central Myanmar which are are peppered with over 2,000 ancient stupas and temples built between the 11th-13th centuries, making it an incredibly scenic journey.
  • Discover ancient hill tribes and lost cities in the North fringed by enchanting snow-capped mountains.

It’s hard to put your finger on why Myanmar is so special. It seems to exude an almost mythical quality. I’d like to put it down to its diverse landscape from the temples of Bagan to the misty shores of Inlay lake, but there is something undefinable about Myanmar’s irrefutable pull.
Sarah McLennan
Sarah McLennan
Sales Manager