• Known as the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ island the beautiful sun-drenched Tobago is the laid-back sister of the vibrant island of Trinidad. Its incredible ivory sands and beaches framed by coconut trees make it the perfect destination to lie back, cocktail in hand, and soak up the sun. Whilst it’s azure waters are certainly the chief draw of the Island, its majestic beauty is not all that it boasts. The Main Ridge, numerous rocky coves hidden from tourists and the endless beach barbeques also make this island spectacular. Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, Tobago boasts some incredible natural wildlife and is ideal for bird watching enthusiasts. It has the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere, meaning it has an abundance of wildlife to explore and is much more lush and green than its neighbours. Its biggest highlight, of course, is its friendly peoples who make great hosts on the lovely island and populate many beaches, socialising with locals and tourists alike.


Tobago Highlights

  • Empty beaches with not a high rise hotel in sight
  • The most beautiful underwater world from angel fish to manta rays
  • Lush green jungle teeming with wildlife and natural wonders
  • Stunning azure water lapping against pure white sands
  • Opportunities for bird watching

Tobago stands out for me as one of the best Caribbean islands because of its authenticity, from its beautiful natural beaches to sharing beach barbecues with laid-back locals.
Sarah McLennan
Sarah McLennan
Sales Manager