Andalucía Fly Drive

  • Seville - Vejer - Ronda

    When you think of Spain, bullfights, flamenco and Moorish castles come to mind – and Andalucía doesn’t disappoint. The most quintessentially Spanish part of Iberian Peninsula, this wonderful itinerary takes you through the rich cultural heritage of Andalucía and down to the smaller hill-towns of Vejer and Ronda. The impressive landscape makes an incredible base for those who like walking while the fantastic Moorish architecture and authentic restaurants and bars make it perfect for anyone who is looking to soak up traditional Spanish culture.


    • Visit the three great monuments on Seville the Giralda tower, the Catedral and the Alcázar and wander through the stunning old town.
    • Stay in the hill-side town Vejer where you can visit the Plaza de España with its stunning centre fountain and browse through the charming winding streets. A 10 minute drive takes you to the long sandy beaches of Costa de la Luz.
    • Walking down by R by the Río Guadalvín in Ronda. A chance to see the impressive gorge arched by the Puente Nuevo Bridge and surrounded by delightful white washed towns. 


  • Southern Spanish fly drive taking in the famous sites of Seville, Vejer and Ronda

    Day 1-4

    Start your trip in the beautiful city of Seville. For a truly Andalucían experience, Seville is a must. Boasting some of the best tapas bars, restaurants, and nightlife and the most stylish people, its narrow, winding streets nestled with hidden plazas are excellent to explore by foot. We recommend 3 nights here to explore Andalucía’s capital. Wander the narrow medieval streets, take in a flamenco show, learn about the city’s architectural legacy or simply relax and enjoy a beer and some tapas!

    Overnight: Seville

    Day 4-7 

    From Seville, drive south, stopping in Jerez for lunch before reaching Vejer. This Moorish hill town is an ideal base to reach the long stretches of sandy beaches on the nearby Costa de la Luz. A world away from the commercial tourism of the Costa del Sol, Vejer has a haunting charm and will capture your heart a soon as you arrive.

    Overnight: Vejer

    Day 7-10 

    Head east in the car towards Ronda and its famous gorge. Rising up amid dark mountains, much of the attraction of the area is the breath-taking views and great position for walking. We suggest a 3 night stay, enough time to visit the national parks and do some walking and exploring the surrounding Pueblo Blanco towns of the area. Sacrificing none of its traditional Andalucían charm the town has many interesting museums to visit, but if you’d prefer to soak up Ronda’s rich cultural heritage, a trip to the south side of the bridge will bring you to La Ciudad an old Moorish town where you can wander around ancient streets and take in the incredible scenic vistas.

    Overnight: Ronda

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Spain one of the most varied countries in Europe, from the vibrant streets of Seville or Barcelona to the beautiful solitude of the Pyrenees and Galicia, or the wonderful beaches in the Balearics all calling for your attention, Spain truly has something for even the most jaded traveller.
Rob Milverton
Rob Milverton
Travel Consultant