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Pheebe Hewitt

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I come from a long line of family that work in aviation and at a young age I was exposed to travel – I was just six weeks old when I first boarded a plane for far-off lands. I have vivid memories at aged six of travelling with my mother from Nairobi overland to Lake Malawi where we lived like locals by the lake in a mud hut, fishing and spotting wild animals.

Although I never planned a career in travel, in many ways it was fate! Working for British Airways for five years started as a spontaneous application and allowed me to discover the world, giving me the confidence to explore alone, visiting almost every city in Europe. These days I love to be near the ocean, preferably surfing or diving.

Pheebe’s Favourite Places

  • San Diego, California

    I fell in love with quiet pockets of the West Coast of America when working for BA, in particular San Onofre beach in San Diego stands out for me as a special place. The national park has a peaceful, natural and untouched beauty and the wild, rugged beach stretches for miles on end.

    It’s here that I love to swim in the ocean and surf – its consistent breaks are great for gentle long boarding sessions. It has a very laid-back ambience.

  • Bari, Italy

    I find travelling alone can help you connect more easily with a destination, and this was certainly the case when I visited Puglia solo. I fell hard for this part of Italy, especially the people, the beaches and of course, the food.

    My favourite spots are the port city of Brindisi, the coastal town of Taranto, Trani and its magnificent cathedral and the extraordinary World Heritage Site of Castel De Monte in the Alta Murgia National Park.

  • durban

    South Africa

    I’ve explored South Africa quite extensively from Plettenburg Bay to Durban, enjoying safari in Johannesburg and Cape Town’s vineyards and I love the diversity, natural beauty and opportunity for activity.

    A standout memory from South Africa has to be on my 21st birthday. I was surfing off the coast of Durban when a pod of dolphins joined in and swam beside us. It was so magical and an experience I will never forget.

Travel Experiences That Shaped Me

I think when we experience other cultures at a young age, it can have a formative effect on the rest of our lives. When I travelled, aged six, with my mum to Lake Malawi, my eyes were opened to the world’s vast diversity in a way that I’ve always looked for ever since. Travelling with British Airways continued that sense of cultural adventure, always with somewhere different to explore or experience. Travel for me is also inexorably linked to the ocean through surfing and diving and again I think this came about after a sailing trip in Croatia in my early teens. It left a deep impression on me – that sense of freedom yet vulnerability and deference to nature. The world is an exciting place!

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