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Stephen Meek

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I was raised in Cape Town, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide, but as my mother was Irish we often visited the wild west coast of Ireland. I spent holidays barefoot on the beach or crab fishing on the pier. If I was near the ocean, I was happy. Which is why much of my travelling has taken me to islands and outdoor adventures: surfing in Indonesia and scuba diving in Thailand.

I was lucky to get an internship on North Island in the beautiful Seychelles which was great learning experience on how the hotel industry works. In my free time I’d head to neighbouring island La Digue or paddle out for a surf. More recently I’ve lived in Amsterdam and loved soaking up culture and cycling along the canals, and these days I’m looking for ways to fuel my new addiction – snowboarding!

Stephen's standout places

From South Africa to Indonesia, the Seychelles to Amsterdam I have lived, worked and travelled all across the world. Here are some of my favourites.

  • Cape Town

    I’m proud to call Cape Town my home town. It truly does have everything – amazing restaurants, world-class vineyards, stunning beaches and wildlife, plus its own mountain!

    I ran my own adventure company here, where I was able to show others my passion for the outdoors on hot air balloon safaris, surf lessons, and sand dune discovery in Namibia.

  • Amsterdam

    Living in Amsterdam gave me a totally different perspective of this buzzy city. The locals are so warm and friendly and there’s so much to do and see from palaces to bicycle rides, even canoeing!

    There’s plenty of outdoor space – Vondelpark is great for a BBQ. That said, culturally the city is amazing for wandering with its Dutch architecture, canals and museums such as Anne Franks house and Van Gogh.

  • Thailand

    Thailand has a special place in my heart as it has so much natural beauty and opportunity to enjoy it. Although it was over 15 years ago now, I have such clear memories of my sun-soaked tropical holiday.

    I was drawn to its islands and loved the way you could drift from one to the other. I spent an amazing week on Koh Chang, at the legendary TreeHouse where everyone would gather at the bar which jutted out over the sea.

Stephen's best outdoor experiences

Wherever I travel I try to get out on the water or into nature and these are where my best travel experiences have occurred. One that stands out is a wild white rafting trip I took up the Orange River in South Africa, where we camped by the river cooking over the fire, under a billion stars. Learning to scuba dive in the pristine waters around Koh Tao was amazing, and facilitated fantastic experiences in the Seychelles and Croatia opening my eyes to a whole new world underwater.


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