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Zambezi African River Adventure

Discover the waterways of an African wilderness on your own private vessel, that explores pristine stretches of the Lower Zambezi, animal-rich swathes of Mana Pools and the rocky ridges of the Zambezi escarpments.

This 5-night river cruise takes in lesser-seen sights of the Zambezi while you have your own thrilling adventure.

Sleep on the roof of the boat to the calls of the jungle, cast for feisty tigerfish and spend evenings by the camp fire on a river bank, where monkeys crash in the treetops and crocodiles splash from afar.

    A River Less Travelled

    From the deck of your boat, you’ll have a privileged and rarely-seen view of Africa as you nose your way up from Chirundu on the Lower Zambezi. An exploratory heart of darkness journey mixed with all-out adventure, you will enjoy the sights of the mighty river by day and by night sleep in specially-designed sleeping pods that sit atop the upper deck, offering 24-hour opportunities to see and hear wildlife. As you soundlessly voyage along the river on your 5-night exploration, the landscape changes from deep gorges, sandy beaches to dense foliage where animals emerge to drink or hunt at the river’s edge. You and your family will feel like intrepid explorers as you take this adventurous river journey that gives you a truly unique perspective of Africa.

    Your Waterworld

    Jump aboard your vessel at Chirundu on the Zamebzi to start the adventure. You’ll meet the crew, staff and guides who will accompany you on your journey. Here the the river is at its most pristine and undisturbed – appreciate misty mornings and hazy sunsets without another soul in sight. Your journey will then head into prime animal-spotting territory as you bank towards Mana Pools, Sapi and Chewore which collectively make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Watch for hippos and crocodiles splashing in the water, while zebra, giraffe and elephant come to the water’s edge to drink. Look out for leopard predators who lurk in the shade of the fig and acacia trees looking for easy prey. As you head towards the dramatic Zambezi escarpment, the landscape changes into rocky gorges and cliffs before widening out into the banks, beaches and rolling forests which stretch to the horizon. You may be lucky enough to see a lion lying out in the sun on a sandy bay.

    From Dawn until Dusk

    Meandering the Zambezi mean there are constant opportunities to watch wildlife around you, and you’ll find yourself in tune with nature, away from the bustle of the modern world. Fishing fanatics will find the Zambezi to be a most productive river, trying to hook a tigerfish – known as one of the river’s most powerful predators- is a superb way to spend an afternoon. At dusk, your guide will choose a remote spot for a safari walk. You’ll feel like you’re the first to explore the African bush as you set foot ashore. The walking safari will be a chance for you to see how the river supports the incredible ecosystem. Hippos will grunt in agreement and you might see the flash of a kingfisher or glint of a fish eagle. Evenings are for drinks around the campfires and hearty meals prepared by your private chef. As nightfall settles around you, listen to the call of the jungle and the unforgettable primeval lion roar. Above you a clear night sky opens like a book, the pages ready to be filled with the story of your African adventure.