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Sea Cloud Cruises Worldwide

Feel the wind in your sails aboard Sea Cloud’s windjammer fleet, bringing 19th century sailing traditions into the now.

Sail Away

The lowdown

  • Who For:

    Anyone who loves sailing, being out at sea or has always fancied a cruise aboard a traditional vessel, albeit with a full complement of staff.

  • Destinations:

    With a range of itineraries, you could sail around western Europe, the Greek Islands, even across the Atlantic or around the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.

  • Stand Out:

    With around 60 guests on board, sailing with Sea Cloud has a ‘private yacht’ feel and means you can access smaller, less-visited harbours to get away from the crowds.

A cruise with Sea Cloud allows you to connect with the legacy of sailing on an authentic tall ship. With its classic, majestic shape, Sea Cloud’s fleet are traditional, each with a full set of sails and the highlight is watching crew clamber up the rigging to release them.

    Life aboard a Sea Cloud windjammer is a combination of old-world glamour mixed with a sense of luxe freedom that comes with being at sea. There’s really nothing quite like watching the able crew deftly climb up the rigging in synergy to release the sails – a majestic sight especially when the sails catch the wind and the ship picks up speed.

    The smooth polished teak deck is the place to relax on sun loungers or you can head to the al fresco bistro and bar for drinks or informal suppers. Inside, the ship’s fine dining room awaits, serving regional food from your destination created with finesse. Retiring to your cabin is a surprisingly spacious experience, surrounded by 19th century shipping artefacts such as fireplaces, marble decor and gold fittings alongside large beds, balconies and sea views.

    During the day, let Sea Cloud get you closer to lesser-visited destinations and harbours where you have the independence to disembark at leisure, choosing a guided tour or simply time to wander at your own speed. With a range of cruises to choose from, you could enjoy the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, Scandinavia and the Fjords or even the Caribbean to take advantage of those trade winds.

    With extras such as welcome champagne, evening turn-down treats, interesting lectures and concerts on the Steinway piano, the atmosphere on board is conducive to relaxation, and making conversation with like-minded passengers becomes another enjoyable part of the day. Watch out for heads turning as you dock in port; Sea Cloud is an eye-catching vessel which you’ll feel proud to be a guest on.