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Hotels that Care

Renovate, Energise & Give Back

Hotels that Care

Covid-19 has thrown the travel industry a curveball. Read about the hotels using the downturn to renovate, energise and give back.

Travelling the way we used to has come to an end. Yes, it will rise again, phoenix-like and even more appreciated, but for now how we holiday has changed. So we’ve been in touch with our travel providers the world over to see how they’ve coped with the pandemic. Here are some of their positive stories.


    Support Sumba

    Nihi Sumba, Indonesia

    Hotels such as Nihi have always had a strong philanthropic commitment to its neighbouring communities. However with revenue from guests down, Nihi was concerned how the Sumba Foundation, set up for the purpose of benefiting the people who lived on the island would continue to support them. Thankfully owner Chris Burch came up with an innovative idea to encourage donations. He offered to match 1:1 any pledges made which would in turn directly help with medicines, food aid and malnutrition projects. Any guest familiar with Nihi knows the important connection between its extraordinary people and the hotel, and money flooded in, ensuring families had food, plus vital medicines and protective equipment. Fundraising continues if you’re able to contribute.

    Community Connections

    Kasiiya Papagayo, Costa Rica

    Fresh off the back of winning the International Architecture Award, Kasiiya on Costa Rica’s wild Papagayo Peninsula have kept momentum going after guests left the resort empty. Conservation has always been high on their agenda, so the hotel used this quiet period to install night-time cameras which help learn the patterns of animals such as turtles in their pristine ecosystem. The hotel has kept their connection with local community strong, ensuring the nearby village of Nuevo Colon had adequate supplies and medicine. Further to this, they aided in a community project to strengthen the infrastructure of the village

    Live From Colombia

    Galavanta, Colombia

    With a lack of visitors, many travel providers have turned to creativity to keep travel alive. And with many of us unable to go abroad, being inspired from afar has helped us get through the lockdown months. A case in point is Galavanta – our organisers on the ground in Colombia. Instead of arranging the usual diverse mix of cooking classes, guided tours and jungle hikes for our clients, they turned to their experts to create a range of fascinating content for everyone to enjoy online. Former visitors and curious would-be guests were able to enjoy a series of interactive webinars with some of Colombia’s top chefs, professional baristas, sommeliers, historians, award-winning mixologists and wildlife photographers. Not only did it shine a light on those passionate people that make your experience extra special, by charging a fee for the content it allowed Galavanta to raise money for those most in need.

    Continuing Conservation

    Kicheche, Kenya

    In Kenya, Kicheche have always been champions of sustainable wildlife conservation with luxury bush camps scattered around the savannahs of the Masai Mara and Laikipia. Historically they have put aside a quarter of all revenue into the protection of wildlife habitats. With so few travellers this year the greater Kicheche family has pulled together to support rangers salaries, predator monitoring and patrol costs. Without these boots on the ground the wilderness would be under real threat from the local cattle farmers and opportunistic poaching. Kicheche has seen support and money for this cause pour in from across the world, a heart-warming display of compassion from those who have experienced the beauty of these areas of Kenya.